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Congrats to you guys! Love the website and all the pics and backstory. So happy for you both and can't wait to see pics of the ceremony :) xo
from: Maggie
2/7/2014 7:16:08 AM
Congratulations to the both of you. We'll have to work on the Cardinal thing though.
from: Bruce & Bridgette
12/3/2013 4:18:35 PM
We hope we can come up from Florida to celebrate your happiness.
from: Heather & Larry Devlin
11/25/2013 2:10:23 PM
Dori, Alan, it's all perfect and so much fun. We're looking forward to the day!
from: Bill & Carol
11/18/2013 7:37:53 AM
Wishing you and Alan a healthy, long and loving life together! xo
from: Becky
7/17/2013 9:03:53 PM
Cute website! Good luck with the rest of your wedding plans! Congrats to u both!
from: Lisa Nicolosi
5/17/2013 7:14:24 PM
Dori, I love it! I am so happy for you! You are perfect together! You are going to make a wonderful Stepmom. Congrats again! yay!
from: Liz Massari
5/17/2013 7:01:34 PM
Aw, Dori! I loved reading this! Alan sounds like a great guy for you, love the sense of humor you two share! And it's meant to be, NALA and ALAN, crazy! Can't wait to follow the rest of your journey.
from: Melissa Auvil
5/17/2013 3:09:47 PM
I love this site! It makes me smile every time I look at it! We love you both, and can't wait for the big day!
from: Ricky (aka mother of the bride)
5/5/2013 9:47:46 AM
Looking forward to meeting the bride. Wishing you a very very long and happy life together!!!
from: Lori and Warren Cohen
5/3/2013 4:37:25 PM
Love it!!! Can't wait!!
from: Lisa Altmiller (aka sister of the groom)
5/3/2013 4:30:25 PM
Love you both. Counting down the days. The site is adorable
from: Robyn Leppr
5/3/2013 11:52:58 AM
So happy for you guys! We wish you all the very best! Melinda and Ron (Dixie) Southerland
from: Melinda Southerland
5/3/2013 7:57:09 AM
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